SESPM, SEEC and the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner have created films aimed at stimulating the professional curiosity of public sector workers to spot and report signs of modern slavery in their everyday work.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 gives public authorities a duty to notify the Home Secretary about suspected victims of Modern Slavery. This came into force on 1 November 2015. Public sector staff are a huge resource and can play an important role in identifying signs of slavery. Consistent, effective reporting of potential slavery is vital to help the police clamp down on criminals who are making immense profits from exploiting their victims.

To help authorities respond to the duty, the South East Strategic Partnership for Migration (SESPM),  South East England Councils (SEEC) and the UK’s Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner have produced a 2-minute film aimed at South East local authorities and national versions for local authorities, emergency services and the NHS. The films  aim to raise awareness among staff, stimulate their professional curiosity and highlight some of the warning signs they may encounter in their everyday working lives.

Slavery exists in the South East as it does in all other parts of the UK. Find out more about how YOU can help in your day-to-day work by being alert to the signs of slavery and reporting them so that together we can put an end to modern slavery. The film and accompanying guidance notes encourage local authorities to introduce staff to the legal duty and create a starting point for more in-depth training using existing materials that detail the reporting process and impacts of slavery.

Please use the below links to download your own copy of our Modern Slavery training film. For optimal playback, we recommend downloading the high resolution film directly to the computer/laptop it will be shown on, rather than playing it from this website or from a memory stick. Please note that files may take some time to download due to their large size, in particular the high resolution version.

South East films 

Right click here and ‘save as’ to download the Modern Slavery training film (Low resolution)

Right click here and ‘save as’ to download the Modern Slavery training film (High resolution)


National films

(Left click to view or right click  and ‘save as’ to download)

National version for local authorities

Emergency services version

NHS version

If you have any issues watching or downloading the film, please contact Emma Sutton on admin@secouncils.gov.uk or 020 8541 7555. For more information and resources, please visit our Modern Slavery page.