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Business Plan

Business plan & work programme

The SEEC business plan for 2014-15 was endorsed by SEEC’s Executive meeting in September 2014. Key priorities for the year include infrastructure, funding and health & wellbeing, all underpinned by work to make the case for greater devolution of powers and financial control to local authorities in the South East.

Previous years’ business plans & work programmes

SEEC’s business plan for 2013-14 was agreed at the SEEC Executive meeting in September 2013. The plan builds on last year’s successful work programme and continues to focus the two main areas of infrastructure and health & wellbeing.

SEEC’s outline business plan for 2012-13 was discussed at the SEEC AGM in June 2012, and approved in principle at the Executive Committee in July 2012.  The final business plan 2012-13 was agreed at the SEEC All-Member meeting in November 2012.

SEEC’s outline business plan for 2011-12 was approved at the SEEC AGM in July 2011, with a detailed final version approved at the September 2011 Executive Committee – business plan for 2011-12.

In November 2010 SEEC agreed its work programme through to July 2011. This document has been refined from the SEEC business plan.

draft business plan for 2010-11 was approved by SEEC at its Annual General Meeting on 14 July 2010. At the time it was recognised that ongoing changes in Government policy following the May 2010 General Election would require further reviews of the plan as the legislative programme became clearer.

The SEEC Business Plan for 2009-10 was adopted at SEEC’s Annual General Meeting on 15 July 2009.  In drawing up the Plan, the SEEC Executive recognised the potential for further change to regional governance established in April 2009 and endeavoured to “future proof” the work of SEEC.