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Deprivation report

SEEC Briefing: Deprivation in the South East

SEEC’s briefing highlights very large scale deprivation in the South East. Too often Ministers overlook the need for investment in the South East without realising the scale of problems we face.

Our report Deprivation & Public Sector Reliance in the South East  includes data showing that half a million South East residents are living in deprived areas and, in some areas, over 40% of workers are employed in the public sector.

SEEC has published the briefing to overcome inaccurate perceptions of the South East as universally wealthy and to make the case for greater Government investment in our area. SEEC members are asking for greater help from Government to help regenerate our deprived areas and to rebalance the economy, creating more private sector jobs to replace some of the 641,000 public sector jobs in the area.