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Local Government Finance

The South East has huge potential but also faces significant challenges.  There is a need for increased public investment to ensure we continue to prosper not only for the benefit of our local communities and businesses, but also the national economy.

In the current economic climate, investing in South East growth and infrastructure is one of the best ways to ensure public funding delivers an excellent return on investment for UK PLC. The South East is the ‘engine-room’ of the UK economy, contributing £154.4bn between  2000/01 and 2015/16 – compared to £125.5bn from London over the same period. Investing in the South East provides proven financial returns nationally, so the need for lower-return regeneration projects in other areas must be balanced with vital investment in high return South East projects with potential to kickstart growth nationally.

SEEC members also believe the current local government funding system is in need of reform. In 2012, SEEC developed proposals to help Ministers deliver fairer funding and a better deal for South East taxpayers and the national economy.  Read SEEC’s detailed proposals here.

Work in 2012 also focused on recommendations to improve the Local Government Finance Act. Further information about our work during passage of the legislation is here.