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Wider South East co-operation

Wider South East co-operation

SEEC works with the London Mayor, London Councils and the East of England LGA (EELGA) to ensure the South East has opportunities to influence London’s housing and strategic infrastructure plans. A number of events and meetings take place to enable issues affecting the South East to be considered alongside London’s needs. A SEEC 1-side briefing explains how we work together.

Current priorities

  • The new London Plan – securing opportunities for South East council Leaders to discuss with the new London Mayor, to inform its preparation. SEEC has also been represented at the 2019 Examination in Public, and made written submissions.
  • Barriers to housing delivery – joint work and information sharing to identify actions to speed up the delivery of locally approved housing. SEEC members are keen to ensure that London can meet its own housing need within the capital to avoid increasing the South East’s own high housing demand and adding to existing pressures on infrastructure and protected land
  • Infrastructure investment – identifying opportunities for joint work to make the case for Government investment in strategic infrastructure that will have economic and social benefits throughout the wider South East

SEEC activity

    • The Annual Wider South East Summit gives South East council leaders an opportunity to speak to the Mayor of London and senior Greater London Authority (GLA) officials, alongside council leaders from London and the East of England
    • A Political Steering Group made up of 5 members each from SEEC, London and EELGA meets to set priorities and take forward agreed actions
    • SEEC produces written submissions and briefings to shape policy and make the case for investment
    • Officer working groups provide technical support for members

Joint work

Links to recent Wider South East briefings and submissions are listed below. Click here for access to Wider South East work in 20172016, 2015, and 2014.


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Wider South East meetings

Wider South East Summit

Summit meetings for all council Leaders are held annually and are an opportunity for Leaders from the South East, East of England and London Councils to discuss growth plans and priorities with the London Mayor.

Political Steering Group

The December 2015 Wider South East Summit endorsed the creation of a 15-strong Political Steering Group, which consists of five representatives each from SEEC, London and the East of England LGA. The Steering Group sets priorities for discussion and takes forward agreed actions.

Current SEEC representatives are:

      • Cllr Nicolas Heslop, SEEC Chairman & Leader of Tonbridge & Malling BC
      • Cllr John Furey, Deputy Leader of Surrey CC
      • Cllr Paul Bettison, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council
      • Cllr Carole Paternoster, Cabinet member at Aylesbury Vale DC
      • Cllr Tony Page, Deputy Leader of Reading BC