1,000 people give views on South East issues

Monday, 26 October, 2020

A new South East region monitor has been launched by South East England Councils (SEEC). 

The South East 1,000 is comprised of polling undertaken by Savanta ComRes as well as an economic assessment prepared by the international economist Vicky Pryce.

The polling of over of 1,000 adults was across three separate groups:

  • 261 Councillors
  • 278 Business leaders
  • 504 Members of the Public


Commenting on the new South East 1,000, the Chair of SEEC, Cllr Roy Perry said:

“The new South East 1,000’ is a unique monitor of public, business and councillor views from the UK’s most populated region.

As a cross-party body, SEEC works to influence policymakers on matters of interest and concern to local authorities and their residents. The South East 1,000 will provide a firm evidence base to underpin those efforts.

The South East – the UK’s gateway to the world, positioned on the doorstep of the EU, with significant clusters of commerce & industry – has long championed trade, and been the highest exporting region of England.

As Vicky Pryce noted, it should be remembered that the South East has been one of only three UK regions to be a net contributor to the UK Treasury.

Looking ahead, we need to ensure the South East has a secure economic foundation to meet challenges that will be presented by the continued impacts of Covid, the end of the Brexit transition and a growing population which is set to reach 10 million by 2030.

Government Ministers talk much about various plans. In the coming months SEEC will be looking for sound strategies that enable the region’s councils to address growing regional infrastructure needs, be that in transport, housing, utilities or digital technology”.

Cllr Roy Perry, Chair, SEEC (Former Leader of Hampshire County Council)


Notes to editors:

  1. SEEC is a recognised cross-party regional grouping that cooperates with the Local Government Association (LGA). www.secouncils.gov.uk
  2. Report here: www.secouncils.gov.uk/2020/10/south-east-england-councils-1000-biannual-regional-monitor-autumn-2020/
  3. Savanta ComRes interviewed 1,043 people between 4th and 17th September 2020:
  • 261 Councillors with data weighted by Council type, control, Party and Gender
  • 278 Business decision makers with data weighted to be representative of South East England by Industry & Sector type
  • 504 Members of the Public (18+) with data weighted to be representative of South East England adults by Age, Gender and County
  1. Savanta ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Full data tables available at comresglobal.com
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