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New 2020 Data Dashboard

South East England Councils’ new 2020 Data Dashboard highlights key evidence for members to raise with Ministers and local MPs, emphasising the importance of councils, Government and partners working together to ensure the South East’s success. This has additional importance in light of the Covid-19 situation and moving forward after it. 

South East England Councils’ spring 2020 Dashboard, available here, includes evidence on the importance of ensuring the South East’s economic success for local communities, businesses and the whole UK. New official data shows the South East made the 2nd largest net contribution to the Treasury between 2001/02-2018/19 (£201bn), but there is a growing gap behind London. If South East growth was boosted, it could enhance local and national performance, especially important for recovery post Covid-19 and moving beyond Brexit.

However the South East also faces an infrastructure funding gap (£15.4bn by 2030) and large numbers of people in unemployment (145,309 in February 2020). With greater local funding powers and freedoms, councils could invest more to support economic growth and housing delivery, and steer funding to meet skills gaps/needs now and post-Brexit.

The Dashboard also reiterates the scale of issues facing the South East’s public services. The South East has the UK’s largest population, at 9.3m people, with 872,700 over 75s and 264,000 over 85s. This raises major challenges for councils, not least in care funding.

SEEC members and partners are encouraged to share the Dashboard and key information with colleagues and local MPs, to help make the case to Government to shape funding and policy decisions for the benefit of local communities, businesses and the national economy, now and post Covid-19 and moving beyond Brexit.