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Previous structures

From 2009 to 2010 South East England Councils shared responsibility with the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) for preparing a Regional Strategy for the South East. This legal duty was delivered through a South East England Partnership Board. The Board has now been disbanded and no longer meets, and SEEDA closed in March 2012 following the coalition Government’s decision to abolish Regional Development Agencies.

Before 2009, local authorities also had a legal duty to make recommendations on regional planning through a South East England Regional Assembly (1999-2009). The Assembly closed and all associated meetings ended in March 2009.

In summer 2010 the coalition Government abolished regional planning and regional strategies. Meetings of the Partnership Board or Regional Assembly are no longer held and the CLG-funded officer team who previously supported regional planning has been disbanded.

The websites of both Partnership Board and Regional Assembly’s South East Plan have been preserved in the national archives to maintain access to previous technical work and evidence base, which may help individual councils in preparing local planning documents. SEEDA’s website is also available in the national archives, and a searchable database of SEEDA’s economic archive is now held on SEEC’s website. Use the links below to access the websites via the national archive:


Meetings no longer held are:

South East England Partnership Board – responsible for preparing a regional strategy – combining, and building on, the South East Plan and Regional Economic Strategy.

South East England Strategy Board – supporting the Partnership Board in developing and implementing a regional strategy.

Planning Panel – advising the former Strategy Board on spatial planning issues.

Regional Transport Board – advising Government on significant transport issues in the South East.

Regional Housing Board – agreeing regional priorities to inform advice to Government on funding.

Economic Development and Skills Board – promoting economic and skills development in the South East of England by advising on investment priorities.

South East England Regional Assembly – Meetings no longer held include Plenary, Executive Committee, Planning Committee and Scrutiny Panels.

The secretariat for the meetings listed above was provided by a CLG-funded officer team who previously supported regional planning. Details of their work is still available via the links above to Partnership Board and Regional Assembly websites, which are preserved in the national archives.