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SEEDA ECONOMIC ARCHIVE - Commissioned Research

Archive of information up till SEEDA’s closure in March 2012 – Reports produced for SEEDA relating to the economy and labour market, infrastructure, and environment and sustainability

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  • Economy & Labour market

    Reports commissioned by SEEDA on a wide range of economic and labour market issues, including demographics, innovation and the knowledge economy, the creative sector and various sectoral-specific issues.

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  • Infrastructure

    Primarily housing-related reports, covering issues such as housing affordability, conditions and priority growth areas. Also includes commissioned research on potential international transport links between the South East and continental Europe.

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  • Environment & Sustainability

    All commissioned research on environment and sustainability topics. Includes reports on climate change, waste, water and sustainable economic wellbeing, among others.

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  • Population & Society

    All commissioned research on population, society, culture, social enterprises, amongs others.

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