SEEC Executive

The SEEC Executive is the decision making body for our organisation acting on behalf of all members between All-member meetings. It meets 3 times a year to decide the way forward on key policy issues relevant to SEEC’s four objectives, which are:

  • Striving for a fair funding deal for the South East
  • Promoting the South East’s position as a leading global economy
  • Acting as a single democratic voice for South East interests
  • Monitoring the pulse of the South East.


Elections to the SEEC Executive are made each year at the SEEC AGM. Seats on the Executive are allocated according to a political template based on the percentage of votes received by each party in local elections. The Executive comprises political representation from SEEC member authorities across the South East including unitaries, county and district and borough councils.


The SEEC Executive meets 3 times a year, usually in central London.  Agendas and papers for these meetings can be downloaded below.

24 Mar 2017
SEEC Executive March 2017 – CANCELLED
This meeting has now been replaced by the Housing white paper consultation meeting with CLG on 6 March,