Formal set-up meeting of new All Party Parliamentary Group for the South East

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Thursday, 22 April, 2021
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Attendee Joining Note: Formal meeting to set-up an All-Party Group for the South East 

Thank you for agreeing to help establish a new All-Party Group for the South East.  

With most local councils as our members South East England Councils (SEEC) aims to work in partnership to make the region a great place to live, work and do business.

We endeavour to promote and maintain the South East’s position as a leading global economy, seek fair funding and to monitor the region’s economic pulse. SEEC aims to provide and act as a unified democratic voice on South East interests with all main political parties represented on our Executive Board. 

At this time, when the South East faces various challenges, a dedicated platform to reach, and work with, regional parliamentary representatives would be very useful. 

The new APPG will provide a platform for our MPs and Peers to share views with local government representatives and others who want the best for our region.

There are a total of 84 constituencies* for the South East of England region: 

  • Conservative: 73 MPs  
  • Labour: 8 MPs
  • Liberal Democrat: 1 MP
  • Green Party: 1 MP

(*Chesham and Amersham vacant as of 4th April 2021). 

30 members have government-related positions, while 6 members are Chairs of Parliamentary Select Committees.  

To date, 12 members, from four political parties, have indicated they would be happy to participate in a new APPG South East. 

APPG Structure 

South East England Councils will act as APPG Secretariat and liaise with the Office of the Member who will Chair the new APPG: 

  • Sally-Ann Hart MP (Con; Hastings & Rye) agreed to Chair the APPG. 
  • Stephen Morgan MP (Lab; Portsmouth North) has agreed to be a Vice Chair. 
  • James Sunderland MP (Con; Bracknell) has agreed to be a Vice Chair.
  • Caroline Lucas MP (Green; Brighton Pavilion) has agreed to be a Vice Chair. 

Other members, and peers, are welcome to act as Vice-Chairs. 

When circumstances permit, it is intended that a meeting of the APPG be held once a quarter on a specific theme, with relevant speakers as required. 

Agenda today 

Today’s meeting is to commence the process for registration by electing officers and confirming the purpose of the APPG. Under guidelines at least five parliamentarians must be present and the APPG must have at least four officers, of which at least one must be from the governing party and at least one from the main opposition party.


1. Welcome 

2.Attendance and apologies 

3.Confirmation of Officers for APPG: 

  • Chair (and point of contact) 
  • Vice Chairs 
  • Other 

4.Confirmation of Purpose:

  • “The All-Party Group for the South East will provide a forum for Parliamentarians to discuss, with others, how to maintain the South East region as a great place to live, work and do business”. 

5.Confirmation of Secretariat:

6.Member views on topics of potential interest 

7.First full meeting date (June tbc)