South East England Councils All-Members Meetings, including the launch of SEEC inaugural South East 1,000 (Autumn) report

SEC Members only
Friday, 23 October, 2020
Microsoft Teams
Two men in a meeting | Councils in Partnership - South East Councils


Guest speakers: 

  • Vicky Pryce, Economist, Centre for Economics and Business Research
  • Oliver Wright, Managing Director, Savanta ComRes
  • Tony Travers, Professor, London School of Economics on devolution


1.  Welcome, apologies, declarations of substitutes and declarations of interest 

2.  Minutes of the AGM held on 27th June 2019 and any matters arising 

3.  Chairman’s remarks: ‘the year past, the year ahead'

4.  Director’s update including: 

  • presentation of 2019/20 SEEC annual accounts
  • report on activities of the South East Strategic Migration Partnership  

5.  Election of Office holders and nominations to external bodies for 2020/21  

Office holders:

  • Chair, Deputy Chair, Vice Chairs (x2), Secretary/Treasurer 
  • Executive (x14 positions) 

External bodies: 

  • District Leaders Group (x2 positions)
  • District Councils Network (party nominations) 
  • Local Government Association Board (x1 position plus 1 sub) 
  • South East Strategic Partnership for Migration Board (Chair position)  
  • South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (x2 positions)

6.  Any Other Business

  • Matters notified to the Secretariat in advance of meeting.

*This part of the AGM is open to non-members

7. Launch of the new ‘South East 1,000’ 

                  Oliver Wright - Managing Director, Savanta ComRes Research 

                   Vicky Pryce - Board Member, Centre for Economic & Business Research 

To support its work SEEC will publish a new monitor every six months (each October and April). The South East 1,000 will consist of a unique survey cohort of councillors, business leaders and members of the public from Savanta.


8.  AGM Guest Speaker

  • Professor Tony Travers London School of Economics  

One of the UK’s leading experts on local government will talk on - and participate in a 

question and answer session on - ‘English Devolution - what place for the South East?