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Integrated Health & Care Workshop 11 Dec 2013

All our Futures – Delivering Integrated Health & Care

Effective integration of health and care is central to delivering a better quality of life for South East residents. SEEC and SESL’s joint workshop on 11 December demonstrated that South East councils are ready, willing and able to provide the leadership and vision required to deliver integration.

The workshop showed the South East is making good progress towards integration and shares an ambition for protected, joined-up health & care budgets. To continue it will be important to:

  • Position councils to provide democratic accountability and a strategic overview of residents’ needs for integrated care, building on their good track record in managing budgets, delivering services and achieving value for money
  • Ensure adequate funding for long term sustainability of care services
  • Keep revisiting what we mean by integration to agree a common vision
  • Focus on care rather than organisational structures
  • Extending the contribution that public health can make in preventing acute healthcare needs.

South East Councils are committed to integration, with Health and Wellbeing Boards in place and plans on track to deliver robust Better Care Fund plans in early 2014. Time and stability is now needed to allow areas to consolidate change and address local challenges, for example workforce issues.

In his keynote speech, Health Minister the Rt Hon. Earl Howe stressed the importance the Government placed on integration and told delegates they were well placed to lead work on joining up local services to ensure health and care worked together 7 days a week.

For more detail on the other workshop sessions read our overview including links to speakers’ presentations and ‘next steps’ table discussions led by Richard Humphries from the King’s Fund on Health & Wellbeing, Integration and the Better Care Fund, Public Healthand Resources & Funding.

Alternatively you can access all post-event information in one document.

SESL and SEEC will continue to support local implementation through:

    • Sharing information and innovative practice on integration across the South East
    • Making the case for protected, joined-up health and social care budgets managed by local authorities and for which local authorities have overall local responsibility and accountability.
    • Making the case for a sustainable funding solution contributing to political debate on rationing services to secure the future affordability of health and care services.
    • Making the case for investment in prevention highlighting outcomes and cost savings.