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Wider South East Summits

Wider South East Summits


Summit meetings for all council Leaders are held annually and are an opportunity for Leaders from the South East, East of England and London Councils to discuss growth plans and priorities with the London Mayor.


The 5th Wider South East Summit was held on 11 January 2019. For more information see the agenda, note of key points, and news article.


The 4th Wider South East Summit was held on 26 January 2018, to enable discussion on the draft London Plan to take place during the formal consultation period. The Summit endorsed as priorities for 2018 joint work a continued focus on tackling housing barriers and pressing for investment in 13 priority infrastructure schemes – although these need further refinement in terms of number and timing. For more information see the full joint report of the event and round-table discussions, along with agenda, 1-page summary of conclusionspresentation slides and attendance list.


The 2016 Wider South East Summit was held on 9 December. SEEC’s January 2017 Wider South East Update reports on activity at the Summit. For further information please view the agenda, presentation slides  and summary of table discussions from this event.




A second Wider South East summit was held on 11 December 2015, agreeing a way forward on political dialogue following the Roundtables. This will enable councils from the South East and East of England to help influence London’s future plans. The summit endorsed setting up a 15-strong steering group, which met on 10 March 2016 to agree a work programme drawn from the four priorities of:

  • Preparation and timing for the full review of the London Plan
  • Common understanding of data/evidence base
  • Addressing barriers to housing delivery
  • Making the case for strategic infrastructure investment

SEEC’s Executive committee supported work on the London Plan and housing delivery as key priorities.

For more details please see the agendareccommendations and note of the meeting.

Additional papers:




On 19 March the inaugural Wider South East Summit attracted some 130 councillors who agreed the need for closer working to ensure South East and East of England pressures on economies, housing and infrastructure are considered alongside the capital’s own needs.

For more details please see the agenda, discussion paper and note of the meeting.