Polling shows that more must be done to demonstrate local climate action

Wednesday, 10 November, 2021

Results from our SE 1,000  Savanta ComRes biannual monitor show that among the general public, just two in five people know about local climate change adaptation measures. 

Previous polling revealed that the greater number of respondents indicated they knew either a lot, or a little about climate adaptation measures taken locally. Yet these latest polling results reveal that while over half of all respondents said they know about local measures, it masks a significant number of the general public (58%) that don’t know about climate adaptation measures being taken in their local area. Low awareness shows that more must be done to demonstrate the action being taken by local authorities. 

Who’s responsible? 

Addressing climate change and adapting to its impacts is a major and ongoing undertaking. Our polling shows that 89% of respondents see both government and councils as responsible for undertaking measures to tackle climate change.  

When asked about personal action, people indicated that they are taking, or plan to take, steps to help tackle the impacts of climate change. However, results also show that  less than one third (29%) had moved to make their home heating more efficient and only 8% of respondents said they have bought or drive an electric vehicle. 

What’s needed? 

Our polling also explored the facilities, services or support that could be made available in local areas to help communities address the impacts of climate change. Almost half of respondents (49%) suggested ‘more energy efficient homes being built’ with two thirds (65%) of councillors choosing this option. The polling also shows that 43% of businesses want more electric vehicle charging points locally and 53% of the general public want to see more recycling facilities.  

Read the SE 1,000 biannual monitor (Autumn 2021) in full here 


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