SEEC response to MHCLG’s Planning For The Future White Paper

Thursday, 29 October, 2020

Submitting our response to the MHCLG’s Planning for the future consultation, Chair of South East England Councils (SEEC) Cllr Roy Perry said:

“The South East is already under tremendous planning pressure not least because of higher development costs and it is important that careful attention is paid to the particular issues of the region. We do recognise that there is a need to build quality affordable homes in to order boost regeneration and development across the region, while also supporting localised Covid-19 recovery efforts.

These aims are best achieved in co-operation with local councils rather than by central imposition. The proposals outlined in the white paper distract attention from the need for more affordable housing. Most Councils, irrespective of party, across the South-East want to see government focus and energy prioritised on increasing investment in housing for rent and sale, not on dismantling the existing planning system.

Therefore, SEEC, reflecting the views of members across the South East is of the view that ministers should reconsider the proposed changes outlined in this white paper, and instead work with local councils to ensure delivery of local housing that is affordable and accessible for local communities”.

To view our full response to this consultation, please click here

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