South East can support economic recovery, if enabled

Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Ahead of the Spending Review, South East Councils has said that funding flexibility is key if the region is to tackle climate change, address skills gaps and deliver better local services.  

The South East is one of three regions in the UK that makes a net contribution to the Treasury.

Ahead of the Spending Review, we’re asking the Government to ensure the South East retains regional revenues and to empower local leaders.

  • Councils are clear that the current annual funding settlement is unacceptable. It brings uncertainty and undermines councils’ ability to plan for the longer term. Our members are calling for a three-year funding settlement, at a minimum.
  • Businesses in the South East need a sufficient supply of suitably skilled workers in order to recover from the impact of COVID-19. Councils must be empowered to collaborate with local independent providers to tailor training to local economies.
  • The South East needs a clear commitment from the Government to direct funding towards grassroots climate change initiatives. The journey to net zero starts with small, local steps which councils in the South East are already planning.

Read our full submission to HM Treasury’s Spending Review 2021 here.

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