Ensuring our region is an even better place to live, work and do business

SEC agenda

As a net contributor to the UK economy and a premier global trading hub, the South East region has entered a new decade.

The decade began with the UK forging new trading relationships across the globe. The decade will end with a population forecast to be 10 million people.

To secure economic growth and prosperity local authorities need to be empowered with greater ability to meet challenges arising from Covid-19 recovery, new EU relations and Climate Change.

Retaining more regional revenues and transferring more powers to local areas is key.

SEC seeks to collaborate with others to enable existing regional strengths and harness untapped regional potential – creating a greater South East to support a thriving UK.

Our priorities

  • Efficient Transport to keep our region moving
  • Affordable, decent Housing to grow sustainably
  • Collaboration for a Smarter and Greener future
  • Adequate Skills provision to compete successfully
  • Practical Devolution to empower our region
Train speeding past platform | Transport - South East Councils


Efficient Transport infrastructure to keep our region moving. Transport underpins economic growth, supports employment and facilitates trade. Enabling more efficient east-west journeys and swifter links to/from regional ports of entry will unlock potential and create opportunities.


Affordable, decent housing for our region to grow sustainably. Undersupply of accessible housing gives rise to a host of impacts on communities and businesses. Enabling local authorities to identify and build the affordable, practical homes that local people need will spur wider growth.
Modern Houses | Better Housing - South East Councils
Wind turbines and solar panels | Greener & Smarter Future - South East Councils

Smarter and Greener

Collaboration for a Smarter and Greener future for our region. A smarter place for people to connect and communicate, for businesses to locate and prosper, will require collaboration to integrate data innovation and digital technology.


Adequate Skills provision so our region can compete successfully. Local areas have specific Skills needs where a centralised, uniform approach cannot optimise local potential. Empowering local councils to collaborate with independent providers to design and deliver training tailored to local economies can work.
Man at work in factory | Skills - South East Councils
House of Lords | South East Councils


Practical Devolution to empower our region to deliver more for the UK. South East England is the UK’s gateway to the world, positioned on the doorstep of the EU, with significant clusters of commerce and industry – long championing trade, the South East has been England’s highest exporting region.