A new thought leadership initiative from South East Councils

Tomorrow’s South East

Tomorrow’s South East is a new thought leadership initiative from South East Councils that will provide a platform for discussion and debate on matters of interest and concern to those keen to ensure that the South East is a great region to live, work and do business.

A net contributor to the national UK economy, and a premier global trading hub in its own right, the region of South East England is in a new decade that:

  • Began with the UK seeking to forge new trading relationships across the world
  • Will end with the population of the region forecast to be around 10 million people
White cliffs of Dover | South East Councils
Passengers in Heathrow Airport | South East Councils

Future economic growth, success and prosperity for the South East requires consideration about how to empower local authorities to meet the challenges arising from:

  • Covid-19 recovery
  • New relations with the EU
  • Climate Change

Important decisions need to be taken to prepare the South East to accommodate population growth. Such decisions need to be underpinned by dynamic and bold thinking, which this initiative aims to encourage.