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A word from Cllr Nicolas Heslop (Chairman)

SEEC was established in April 2009 to promote the views and interests of local government in our area. The vast majority of the 74 unitary, county, district and borough councils across the South East are SEEC members.

SEEC works to four principles: To strive for a fair funding deal for the South East; Promote the South East’s position as a leading global economy; Act as a single democratic voice for South East interests; and Monitor the pulse of the South East.

Much of this work involves making the case for the high level strategic and funding priorities for the South East. See some of our current work in making the case for the South East, including our South East manifesto ‘Let the South East work for UK’.

To learn more about us take a few minutes to read an overview of SEEC’s role and our 2015-16 annual review setting out our work over the past year. Every six months we publish a SEEC Data Dashboard highlighting key trends affecting South East councils.  We also host SEEDA’s economic intelligence archive so that this information remains publicly available following SEEDA’s closure in March 2012.

Refugee update autumn 2015

The South East Strategic Partnership for Migration – hosted by SEEC – is working with the Home Office and LGA to help co-ordinate council responses to the Government’s commitment to resettle Syrian refugees.

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